Georgeham Primary School

Stepping Stones Pre-School

Stepping Stones is a pre-school setting providing quality care for children aged between 2 and 5 years. Set within Georgeham Primary School, the setting is located in the heart of the village with beautiful views of rolling hills. The ethos within the classroom is to provide a positive, fun and inclusive approach to learning through both child and adult led activities. Ensuring that children have the most enhanced experience whilst they develop throughout their foundation years and whilst they prepare for the transition into reception class.

Stepping Stones provides a very warm, nurturing and sensory environment in which children can engage and express themselves freely. Working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, there is continuous provision to work in partnership with children and their families. Offering support, advice and  guidance wherever needed. 

Every child is unique and this is embedded within the team at SS. A lot of time is spent tailoring planning to suit the needs of every child who attends to ensure a well rounded and diverse curriculum is provided for all. We focus on the seven areas of development – Physical, Personal, Social & Emotional, Mathematics, Literacy, Communication & Language, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World. Careful thought is put into long and short term planning to make sure that all of these areas are being met in engaging and innovative ways. Similar to Reception class, we have a termly theme that we focus on. We then break this down into weekly topics based on that theme. 

After getting to know each child, a Key Worker is assigned who will be responsible for making sure that the child’s developmental needs are being met and to work in partnership with the parent/carer. Consistency between home and setting is important. Every half term, a ‘Next Step Review’ is produced for each child which is shared with the parent/carer. This ensures that we are looking at every child as an individual and are focussing on individual needs for that child and the child alone.

Stepping Stones is in the process of developing the nature area at the back of the school which will be known as the ‘Forest Village’. This has become a wonderful project in which both staff and parents are coming together to effectively create an additional space which will be an outdoor classroom. There is a great focus on nature and the environment at SS. A lot of time is spent encouraging positive behaviours as well as an understanding and compassion for the world around us. The Forest Village is going to provide an extremely enriched and raw learning environment for all of the children who attend the setting.  We spend a great deal of time outdoors, whatever the weather! 

The preschool is open during term time, Monday – Friday from 9am to 3.15pm. Children have access to the wrap around before and after school provision, which starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm each day.   

The preschool is pleased to offer 15 hours free childcare to children aged 2 and 30 hours to children aged 3 and above, who meet the criteria.

To find out more call: 01271 890 440