Spotlighted Site

MGBnet – Rivers site is on the Missouri Botanical Garden’s site and has easy to follow information on watersheds, streams to rivers and facts about rivers of the world….a great starting point for this topic.




BBC Rivers and coasts
BBC site with information on rivers and coasts, starting with ‘What is a river?’ and including the water cycle..

3D Geography – rivers
Great geography site with links to videos and information on rivers, river management and flooding etc

Time for Geography
Informative site specifically to support geography work on rivers with videos on different aspects of river geography. Aimed at secondary pupils but many still interesting…

Royal Geographical site – rivers for teachers
A site for teachers with great resources for KS2 teaching of Rivers …

Water facts
36 facts about water from the Treehugger website…

Primary homework help
Very informative site aimed at children with plenty of information on all aspects of rivers.

The unseen world of the river
Discover the tiny unseen bacteria and creatures that live in our rivers and find out why they are important….

MBGnet – Rivers
A great site from the Missouri Botanical Gardens on streams and rivers….

DK find out about rivers
A site created by DK with an annotated diagram of a river and its features…

Nat Geographic – rivers
Information on rivers and links to other articles and pictures on specific rivers around the world…

Rivers of the World
Coolkidfacts about the major rivers of the World – lots of ads but useful information for starting your projects…

The school Run
A site specifically set up to help children with homework on rivers…

The Geographer online
A site with some useful videos on different aspects of rivers…

Kids Nat Geographical – fun facts about rivers
A great kids site with fantastic facts about rivers…