Our Business Interests and Attendance…

As a governing board we are required to declare any business interests that influence our contribution to the work of the governing body including interests relating to specific work or projects or more general links with the school.  We are also required to make a strong contribution to governorship by attending meetings regularly.  The tables below provide a summary of our declared business interests and our attendance at all full governing meetings to date.

Governor Name of Organisation Nature of Business Role Date Declared
David Humphries Bideford College School Chair of Governors 01/09/2017
Judith Larrington Ilfracombe Academy



St Georges House




Outdoor Education Centre

Recently retired Assistant Headteacher



Husband is Manager of St George’s House

Lorraine Upward Stepping Stones Preschool



St Georges House

Preschool in Georgeham



Outdoor Education Centre

Sessional Cover



Husband is employee of St George’s House





Mike Newbon Various Charity and Community Charity Trusteeships Trustee 01/09/2017
Julian Thomas Georgeham Primary School School Head Teacher 01/09/2017
Emma Hill Georgeham Primary School School Teacher 01/09/2017
Alison Smith Quay Climbing Centre & City Wall Exeter Ltd Indoor Climbing Centre and Property Development Director 01/09/2017

FGB AGM 17/9/18

EGB 4/12/18 FGB 14/1/19 FGB 25/3/19

FGB Blue Sky


David Humphries  Apologies  Apologies   Present Present Present
Judith Larrington  Apologies  Apologies Apologies Present Apologies
David Morton  Present  Present   Present Present Present
Mike Newbon  Present  Absent   Absent Present Apologies
Emma Hill  Present  Present   Present Present Present
Alison Smith (Chair)  Present  Present   Present Apologies Present
Paul Trueman  Present  Absent   Present Present Present
Glenda Thurley  Apologies  Present  Apologies Resigned N/A
Julian Thomas  Present  Present   Present Present Present
Lorraine Upward   Present  Present   Present Present Present
Grayson Fuller  N/A  Apologies   Present Present Present
  EGM 15/1/18 FGB 19/03/18 FGB 23/4/18 FGB 11/06/17 FGB Blue Sky 11/07/17
David Humphries Apologies Apologies  Present  Present Present
Judith Larrington Present  Present  Apologies  Apologies Apologies
David Morton Present  Present Present  Present Present
Mike Newbon Present  Apologies  Present  Apologies Present
Emma Hill Apologies  Present  Apologies  Present Present
Alison Smith (Chair) Present  Present  Present  Present Present
Glenda Thurley n/a  Present  Apologies Present Present
Julian Thomas Present  Present  Present  Present Present
Paul Trueman Apologies  Present  Present  Present Present
Lorraine Upward (Vice Chair) Present  Present  Apologies  Apologies Present