Vision Statement for PE

Physical Education is recognised as an important part of the development of all children.  By providing high quality PE opportunities, both within the curriculum and out of school hours (OSH), all children should:

  • develop excellent fundamental movement skills
  • grow in self-esteem and confidence
  • value the importance of co-operation, teamwork and leadership
  • learn to appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle in terms of the links between a healthy body and a healthy mind
  • encounter fun and challenge
  • deal effectively with competition
  • develop excellent social skills
  • appreciate the environment and the opportunities it provides for a wide range of activities
  • be equipped to make appropriate choices to lead an active and healthy lifestyle

High quality continuous professional development will be provided for all adults involved in the delivery of PE and will include the promotion of active playtimes, the embedding of short bursts of daily physical activity and the promotion of children as young leaders.

PE Curricular Map

EYFS and KS1

Leap into Life curriculum coverage, Daily Physical Activty (DPA), festivals (tennis for all & Multi-skills for Yr2), lunchtime games, trim-trail, Putsborough run, Farm walk, Sports Day and Challenge Day.


Daily ‘Take-10’
Invasion games – tag rugby / hockey / Netball / Basketball
Net / Wall – Volleyball / Badminton / Tennis
Striking and Fielding – Rounders, Cricket
Outdoor and Adventurous
Swimming Gala and ‘Challenge Day’
Tag Rugby, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, Multi-skills and Athletics Festivals, *
Waterpolo, Netball & Football tournaments, *
Goldcoast Oceanfest
‘Young Leaders’ – Volleyball
G&T extra input – wider range of activities and elite venue trip.

*Festivals and tournaments can be for participation or competition.


  • Year 2 – one night, “Sleepover” in school following a beach day.
  • Year 3 and Year 4 – two days & one overnight, local (St. George’s House) alternating rock scramble and canoeing and extended provision for the 2nd visit for year 4.
  • Year 5 – 3 days & 2 overnights on Lundy Island, outdoor and adventurous activity & self-catering (the only primary school to stay on the island)
  • Year 6 – 4 days & 3 nights in London. Urban experience (Museums and show) but based at a YHA and using the Hertforshire Mariners Base for kayaking, climbing and caving.