Spotlighted Site

Kids against Plastic site has been set up by two young people inspired to do their bit for the planet after finding out about the negative effect single-use plastic is having on the environment. They are aiming to raise awareness of the problems caused by plastic misuse, encourage others to become ‘Plastic Clever’ and reduce single-use plastics and empower young people to believe they can make a difference.





One World Kid’s Site
Be taken around the information by Tiki the penguin and learn about what Global warming is and what can be done about it.

Hubble telescope site
Amazing images of space taken by the Hubble telescope

Kid’s Planet
Find out about endangered animals, play games and learn what you can do to help. This site has a great ‘get the facts’ section which has a fact sheet on each endangered animal, why they are threatened and what needs to be done.

Young People’s Trust
Young Peoples’ Trust for the Environment. A great site aimed at children with clear and easy to understand factsheets explaining endangered animals and environmental issues such as acid rain etc..

National Geographic – Geography
Section  on National Geographic kids that looks at all aspects of geography including climate change and the environment…

World Wildlife Site
World Wildlife Fund’s site, not specifically aimed at children but some great information on species and places that are endangered.

Kids Against Climate Change
Site with good links to explanations and videos of all the main climate change ideas as well as games and books to finfd out more.

Explain That
Not a children’s site and does have adverts but this link gives a more detailed explanation of climate change for children, what it is and why it is happening.

US Environmental Protection Agency Kid’s Site
The US Environmental Protection Agency site for kids with lots of information, games and activities

Eco-Friendly Kids
Site aimed and parents and children giving information on how to live an eco friendly lifestyle from composting to eating fruit and veg in season and cutting down on travel pollution (does have quite a few ads).

Recycling facts
Everything you need to know about rubbish and recycling……..

Kids for Saving Earth
Great kids site dedicated to a young boy who wanted to save the world. With information on environmental issues as well as projects they are doing this site is designed to inspire young people to look after the World .

Devon recycling
Devon recycling’s kids site with information on waste, recycling and the environment.

NASA Climate Kids
Great site from NASA with video, info and activities on climate change, air, sea, animals, weather etc.