Welcome to the Class 4 page which we hope will support you in times of self-isolation or closure.

If you need any help, please e-mail us – class4@georgeham-primary.devon.sch.uk. We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible.

Weekly Learning Activities:

  • The home learning that we are offering is themed around ‘be academic, be creative, be technological and be active’.  The ‘be academic’ activities will be uploaded onto your child’s Google Classroom the evening before it is needed. ‘Be creative’, ‘be technological’ and ‘be active’ activities are uploaded as one post on the Sunday evening, which will repeat every day that week. This is so that you can pick & choose the activities that fit best around your day. Finally, a brief outline of the academic (English and Maths) learning planned for that week will also be uploaded for information. The activities suggested, written by our teachers, will seek to be as accessible to all as is possible and will consider minimal resourcing. Your child should also be reading every day.

Being safe Online
Childline – for support  … UK Safer Internet Centre – to report and remove harmful online content … CEOP – for advice on making a report about online abuse.
You can also email our ‘onlinehelp‘ email address to tell us about anything that concerns you!  (It’s manned and gets read quickly!) or you could use the Contact Us page too.

Picture News:  Learning from the world around us! Each week Picture News will provide a current news story, provide an image, a thought-provoking question and a variety of teaching resources. Why not use these in discussion with your child?

Activity Packs:


To listen to Stig of the Dump with Ms Dando, click here.


Each day at 9am, Joe Wicks will be running ‘PE with Joe’ live on his Youtube channel. These 30 minute workouts are designed for children of all ages and you don’t need any equipment. These start on Monday 23rd March. He also has plenty of 5 minute child-friendly PE videos on his page already.


Waka Waka Dance – Video

Waka Waka Dance – Overview 


Family Fitness

Family Fitness – an introduction

Family Fitness – video

Hot Steps

Jumping Jacks


Mountain Climbers

Press up Points

Squat Jumps

Static Stretches

Static Stretching – video 

The Plank

The Wall Sit 

Tuck Jumps 


Garden Games

Traffic Lights 

Traffic Lights – video



Key Shapes – video

Key Shape Games 


Back Support


Front Support






One More Move Game