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What’s on w/e 18.09.20

Whatson 472#.pdf

Further Covid Guidance…

In addition to this week's blog about, "What to do if your child is ill," and the helpful flowchart to help you make some decisions, we've amended it to include the NHS definition of what [...]

Fire Drill… success!

For those parents who just saw Mr Thomas scarper through the playground, clearly surprised that the fire alarm was going off, I'm happy to report that it was a false alarm. During this Covid-controlled term [...]

“Are they unwell?” Help sheet…

We thought a flowchart may make things a bit easier to work out whether an 'ill child' should come to school or not.  Most of these initial decisions will lie with our parents of course, [...]

First week in EYFS!

We have had a super first week in our new EYFS unit! We are all amazed at how well the new children have settled in their new space. We have been following the story, 'The [...]

What’s on w/e 11.09.20

Whatson 471.pdf

Tik Tok advice…

You may have heard news about this App over the past 24 hours? It's come to light that even though a distressing video has been taken down by the company, users have managed to grab [...]

Class 2’s Wild Picnic!

In Class 2 we have all been given a miniature wooden person and today we made a picnic for them. As it rained we improvised with some Astroturf and umbrellas. We made mini pizzas and [...]

Welcome back Class 4!

A little snapshot of what our Year 5 & 6 children have been getting up to over their first two days back at school... We've played games, made posters, played tennis (sort of!), shared feelings, [...]

Day 1… A Lovely Success!

What a great day! It was lovely to see all the children back and there were lots of smiles.  Ok, just a few nerves here and there (maybe from the staff too?!) but actually, we [...]

Getting ready for Monday…

link to our return leaflet here.   Getting Ready for Monday Dear Parents and Carers, I do hope you’ve all had a lovely summer, have enjoyed your stay-cation and haven’t been too annoyed by the huge [...]

DCC Bulletin: Back to school edition

A very useful bulletin from DCC that could be useful for our parents.  We're going to be issuing school specific info on Monday - keep an eye out for it!  Hope you're all keeping well! [...]

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