Spotlighted Site

The Winged Sandals is an arts project designed to inspire 6-11yr olds about  Ancient Greece. It has animated stories, character cards with the facts on all the main characters from this period of history, as well as games and historical information…..really worth a visit!



BBC Children’s History
BBC history class clips have a good selection of animated clips on different aspects of Ancient Greece.

DK Find out about
DK site with easy to navigate information on all aspects of Ancient Greece and a useful quiz so you can test how much you have learnt.

British Museum Ancient Greece
Excellent site from the British Museum with loads of well presented information as well as stories and challenge.

The Olympics
Site all about the Olympics, not specifically aimed at children but lots of pictures and a good FAQ section.

Primary Homework help
Written specifically to support school projects this is a great site with lots of information all in easy to navigate sections.

Greek Myths
Site that gives information on key Gods and Heros in Greek Mythology. Not specifically aimed at children so parents advised to check content and there are adverts for online games on the site.

The Parthenon
Information about the history and importance of the Parthenon, probably the most iconic Ancient Greek building.

Greek Alphabet
Link to a simple but useful page giving the Greek alphabet.

All about Ancient Greece
Very easy to navigate site with information on all areas of ancient Greece from daily life and government to myths and religion. Not written for children but does have good images of Ancient Greek artefacts and a good section on art.

Ancient Greek Gods, Heroes and Mythical creatures
Site with easy to follow information on all of the Greek Gods, as well as many of the charaters from Greek Mythology.

Manchester Ancient Greece website
Website created by a student with information about the Gods, Myths, a timeline, the olympics etc.

History for Kids
History site for kids with information on all aspects of Ancient Greece from Greek thinkers to Gods and daily life.

Great site created for children with all the Greek Heroes and Gods.

BBC Teach radio
A selection of Greek Myths for children produced by BBC radio.

Myths and Legends – Animated tales
Quite simple animated myths and legends from around the world, includes some from Ancient Greece.