Spotlighted Site

Newsround Africa  site is based on their Newsround Extra programs on Children in Africa. You can watch the programs, meet the children and find out more about where they live. Great for comparing life in Africa with your own…




Virtual African Safari
BBC Take a virtual Safari through several of Africa’s National Parks and glimpse some of the amazing wildlife that can be found there….

Anansi’s Guide to Africa
Channel In the story of the Magic Kalabash Anansi will guide you through Africa and to untold riches…

An introduction to Africa
Information on Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Maili, Morocco, Namibia, Sinai, South Africa, Tanzinia. The text is more suitable for older children, but the images are great for everyone (has got advertising)….

Africa for Kids site
There’s a photo album (Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda), mask making activity and a Swahili folk tale to discover…

Wildwatch celebrates exciting wildlife encounters on safari. It’s text is aimed at adults but it has amazing pictures…

Elephants of Africa
Learn all about these amazing creatures and the poaching problems they face…

Interactive Map of Africa
This interactive map of Africa allows you to zoom in and look at different National Parks etc. Designed to help plan safari holidays, but great for looking at the continent in more detail….

African Wildlife Foundation
This site isn’t aimed at children but the wildlife gallery contains useful information on a wide range of African animals and their habitats, behaviour and diet – as well as the threats facing them..

Children’s Songs and Rhymes
Mama Lisa’s site with children’s rhymes and songs from around the world, this link is to the Africa section (there are adverts)….

Farming in Uganda
A Link to the One World site where Tiki the penguin visits an organic farm in Uganda…..

Africa in Pictures
A really great site that looks at different countries of the World through pictures. The Africa section doesn’t have much for many countries but Kenya and Uganda are worth a look….

Newsround Africa
A great BBC site with links to their programs on children in Africa. It also has a section where you can meet the people from the programs and a map of the countries with facts…

All About Africa
Information on people, the land, wildlife and national parks, as well as a quiz and links to amazing photographs…

Africa Map Game
A timed game where you have to drag the countries of Africa to their place on the map (lots of ads on this site)…

Nat Geographic – Explore Africa
A great explore section of the site with links to maps, quizzes and activities as well as a wildcam..