Class Stars 🙂 Well done to…

Our Early Years… Benji Wright

Class 2… Nick Woodeson

Class 3…Louis Burrows

Class 4…Tess Matthews  

This ½ term’s school value is…

We are Ambitious.

We have the highest expectations for all our children and teachers.
In return, we give everyone in our school as many opportunities as we can to fulfil their potential in the widest possible sense.
Forget what is behind us and reach straight for what is ahead.  Run straight towards the goal.”  Philippians 3.v.12  

Attendance so far…

Yr6: 94.6% … Yr5: 94.7% … Yr4: 93.7% … Yr3: 96.7%  
Yr2: 93.5% … Yr1: 92.3% … Rec: 92.7%

School average: 94%

Please see our Attendance Policy for further details of how attendance is really important.

Two more days left but, even though we had such a great week, there’s still lots to fit in over the next couple of days!
At the Summer Fair today (which we’ll blog about tomorrow) we awarded our School Values trophies.  Well done to the following children who all deserve these awards.
We Are Kind… Sadie Goodson
We Are Curious… Barney Woodeson
We Are Confident… Billy Hakin
We Are A Community… Ashley Baraniak
We Are Adventurous… Evie Buck
We Are Ambitious…  Will Shaddick

Messages from Jo…

Please could I ask that any outstanding balances for meals, trips and extended day provision on scopay are settled up by the last day of term please.
If you intend to have a school meal over the coming days please add £2.20 per day onto the dinner balances.

Unfortunately, as you all know the cost of food has increased greatly over the last 6 months. From September onwards, a school meal will increase to £2.40 per meal.

School meals on Monday – Keri will not be able to include filled rolls. The menu choices are… Pasta with tomato sauce or Jacket Potato with beans.

There’s still the last advert for a Teaching Assistant post, commencing September 2022.  This is closing on Monday so do please pass the message out if you know of someone who could be interested.


Whole School bike ride.   This was just a marvellous Community event too.  Click that link for some photos.

Our Summer Fair … what an evening!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen.  We’ll blog some lovely photos over the weekend and let you know ho much FROGS raised.  Thanks again!


Dates for the diary…

That leaves the final thing being the Leavers’ Assembly at 2pm on our last day; Tuesday 26th July.  

Our front doors are open between 8.45 and 8.55 with children doing learning activities as soon as they arrive. Sadly, the ones who arrive late at 9.00 am would have missed this, and the ones who are later can even miss the introduction to the next learning task.
Please aim to arrive for 8.45am

Please do look at the school menu before you leave home in the morning. Keri is unable to adjust the menu each day and it’s important that the children know what’s on offer and are happy to make choices in the morning.

We are Ambitious.
Forget what is behind us and reach straight for what is ahead.  Run straight towards the goal.
Philippians 3.v.12  

Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…

Dinner Menu…

Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Julian Thomas
We have two Deputy Safeguarding Leads: Lucy Rinvolucri and Emma Hill.
You can contact us on

If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us. You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…