Two groups of 4 – Sea Glass Scavengers and Lundy Vibers. Various jobs, such as setting up for breakfasts or sandwich making, washing up or sweeping crumbs – although the Pigmy Shrew did some of that job last night.

Letterboxing today took us all the way to the North Light via the quarries, Stone Age hut and seals at the northern jetty. After lunch we then came south along the west coast which is much more rugged, past the Puffins, views of some excellent climbing venues and also a brief glimpse of a Peregrine Falcon.

Some of the letterboxes needed complicated compass work, including back bearings and double bearings… every day’s a school day! (We even had one of them whooping when they did it themselves.)

So, we made it back for pasta, games down on the ‘tennis court’ and hot chocolate whilst diary writing… They’re certainly ready for bed, again. 🙂