Here’s some information about our Whole School Bike Ride on the 20th.

We believe that riding a bike is an important life skill and this event is a fun way of promoting cycling to our children.  It used to be an annual event until we were rudely interupted by a panemic, but it should end up being a great day.

Parents will be asked to help out by spreading yourselves through the group, assisting children with any issues that crop up, but certainly with crossing roads – Tescos and Vellator being the main areas, but also where the Tarka trail crosses the road at Chivernor, Fremington and Instow.  There’s no road crossing at the Taw bridge, and we walk over this.  Thanks to all the parents who have made arrangements and are able to come with us.  This makes the trip quite a family event and can be really helpful in its success.

Tesco has asked that we park at the far corner, opposite the main entrance.  We can then start to congregate in the cul-de-sac just above the car park and set off from this road instead.  We’ll suprvise this area, but please help by keeping the children in one place, preferably in their route groups, and on the pavement rather than the road and driveways.

We’ve almost everyone signed up now (just a few loose ends) and we’ve also got packed lunches booked in for delivery by Keri.  (£4 per adult / £2.10 per child which should be added to Scopay soon.)

For routes 1 & 2, please arrive for 9.00am ready for a prompt departure.

  • Route 1:
    …to Bideford & back (30 miles) Leaving at 9.15am
  • Route 2:
    …to Fremington & back, 16 miles, or possibly Instow for some (24miles) Leaving at 9.30am
  • Route 3:
    …to Barnstaple Rock Park & back – no stabilisers, please (12 miles) Leaving at 9.45am
  • Route 4:
    School activity day for the less confident or those with stabilisers.

What you need:

  • Cycle helmet for the children
  • Cycle helmet for all adults please!
  • Water bottle – attached to the bike is best
  • Suncream
  • Biking toolkits, if you have one
  • Pucture repair kits, if you have one
  • Pump, if you have one
  • School staff have first aid kits and any medication needed.