Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Mitzy-Rose Guedez 

Class 2… Vinny Turner 

Class 3… Ned Matthews

Class 4… Henry Smith

This ½ term’s school value is…

We are Curious

Live life in all its fullness.” 

John 10:10

This week started with Odd-Socks-Monday which is a day that helps to show that everyone is different and they can express themselves in different ways.  The theme for Anti-bullying Week this year from the Anti-bullying Alliance is, One Kind Word.  The children have talked about this in their classes this week and they’ve also signed our anti-bullying charter. 

This week finished with everyone looking bright and colourful.  It’s also lovely to say that we raised just over £130 for Children in Need.  This is a record for us, and since we advertised the donation text codes in the blog yesterday, we may have raised even more!  Thank you… and well done!


Let’s talk Christmas productions… 

There’s lots of difficult terrain to navigate with the Christmas performances next month, that’s for sure!
Thanks for being patient and understanding with how we’re organising you to have an opportunity to see it.

One of the biggest hurdles of course is that North Devon’s Covid numbers are incredibly high at the moment and we’re putting people together in a relatively small space.

After arranging the seating in the Village Hall, we have to be strict at limiting tickets to 1 seat per family.

I appreciate this may be a little disappointing but we have now increased the KS2 show to three performances rather than the two as was originally planned. This means we’ve managed to slot in an evening performance to support those who are going to find it almost impossible to attend the afternoon performances.  KS1 show remains as the one afternoon show, 2pm on Thursday 16th.

The main parts are taken by Year 5 and 6, so priority should ideally be made for these families.
Year 3 and 4 have supporting parts but are still required for all the performances.

We’ve used a Google Form to collect ticket requests and any thoughts or comments from all our parents.  Please read the text here, and on the form very carefully to help us allocate a ticket to you.

Cinderella and Rockerfella
Please choose just one option
…Monday 13th 2pm for Class 4 parents,
…Tuesday 14th 2pm for Class 3 parents,
…Tuesday 14th 6pm for those that really can’t make afternoon performances. (Cl.3 parents would need to drop them for 5.45pm – we’ll bring them out to the car park for you at 7.10pm.)

Hey Ewe!
…Thursday 16th 2pm for Class 2 parents.

Tickets will be issued – 1 seat per family.

Covid-19 mitigations –
> Socially distanced seating – 2m apart, forwards and sideways
> Ventilated hall – windows and doors open throughout (dress warm!)
> One-way system – Rear door ENTRY (beyond the wooden gate)… side door EXIT (the main ‘front’ door)
> Masks should be worn throughout the performance (unless exempt).
> Not to attend if you have symptoms, are isolating or have a positive LFD.

The Google form for returning to us…
please click here


Attendance so far…

Class 4: 97.1%   …   Class 3: 96.6%   …   Class 2: 96.6%   …   Class 1: 92.9%

Almost everyone’s attendance has increased this week – well done!  


If you’ve still got your Christmas card order form at home, or in the bottom of your child’s book bag, please do bring them in, or ask Jo for another.  We’ll be starting to produce these asap so you have them in time to send to family.

Covid-Friendly Christmas…

> Village Nativity, starting at St.George’s, 10.30am on 28th November – a walk around, looking for characters!
> FROGS’ Christmas Market, school playground, 2.30pm on Friday 3rd December – where you can purchase some children’s crafts!
> Christingle, at St.George’s, 5.30pm on 12th December.
> Christmas school dinner… that’ll be at lunchtime, but has changed to Wednesday 15th December now.

> Christmas Shows – Cinderella and Rockerfella in KS2 and also KS1’s Hey Ewe! – week beginning 13th December. 
We will be recording these and sharing the link so everyone can see it, but we’ll have limited seating available and can only offer one seat per family.  More details are at the top of this newsletter.   


We’re organising swimming lessons at Ilfracombe pool for next term for years, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
We’ll get further details out to parents next week.


We’re about to advertise for a Midday Supervisor to set out the dining hall, help the children through lunchtime and then to help us clear things away.  The post would be between 11.30 and 1pm and could possibly suit a parent, or someone close by in the village.  Do let us know if you’d be interested.  The post will be subject to references and DBS checks as standard.     

We’re still being cautious regarding Covid-19 in the area.  Please keep an eye out for the three main symptoms (temperature, new cough, lack of taste) and book a PCR test if they come about.  Devon’s Risk Assessment and the guidance from DfE says that 

  • positive cases should isolate

  • people with symptoms should go for a PCR

  • contacts should also go for a PCR 


Great news!
…the Nissan keys were spotted, recognised and collected!

Live life in all its fulness.” 

John 10:10

Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…

Dinner Menu… 

Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Officer is Julian Thomas
We have three Deputy Safeguarding Officers; Jo Benfield, Emma Hill and Lucy Rinvolucri.

If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us.  You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…