Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Tess Hill-Dymond

Class 2… Violet Rampe 

Class 3… Sadie Goodson

Class 4… Reuben Burrows

This ½ term’s school value is…

We are Curious

Live life in all its fullness.” 

John 10:10

We had several of our Governors in for a ‘Monitoring Day’ this week.  They looked at all the good work the children were doing in classes – phonics, writing, maths, reading, topic work etc., and they also had discussions with children about what they thought of school – Governors even attended the Maths group after school!   Our Governors aren’t experts in teaching and learning (although they continue to learn lots!) but they celebrated the great work that’s taking place in school and they were able to ask some great questions to the children and staff.
Being a Governor is a privilege, a delight and also really rewarding.   Thank you for coming in and helping this week!

It’s anti-bullying week next week.  We define bullying as intentional, hurtful and repeated behaviour, directed at an individual or small group where it’s difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.  Of course, this isn’t nice at all!
During the 1/2 term where our value is that We Are Curious, we’ll explore how bullying would make us feel, and how One Kind Word makes a difference.  That’s the theme for Anti-bullying Week from the Anti-bullying Alliance this year: One Kind Word.

We’ll start the week with Odd Socks Monday, so please come to school wearing odd socks on! 
We’ll finish the week with our signed charter – We promise not to bully, and we’ll make sure we use kind words.

Attendance so far…

Class 4: 96.9%   …   Class 3: 96.4%   …   Class 2: 96.5%   …   Class 1: 93.8%

Well done to Class 4 who have just managed to pip everyone to the post with best attendance of the term so far.  It’s so close, I think we’ll have to look at individual year groups next week and see which specific one has the best attendance so far.  Well done Class 4!

Your child would have brought two important things home this week
1. A Governor nomination form.  We’ve provided lots of info and asked a few times, but now it’s time to finally put your name down and offer some support to help Mr Thomas and the staff run the school as best as they can.  It’s thoroughly rewarding!  Our next FGB meeting is on the 29th… why don’t you come?!
We also need a Clerk to the Governors – this is a paid post and comes with all the training you need.
2. A Christmas Card order form.  Please bring back your order slips for us to process the order, print them off and add the charge to Scopay for you.

Thanks to The Manor, as they’ve informed us that the school is going to be their ‘charity of the month.’  Every meal is going to ask for a small donation to go to FROGS’ funds!  (Work amongst yourselves, find a babysitter and book a table!)

We’re still being cautious regarding Covid-19 in the area.  Please keep an eye out for the three main symptoms (temperature, new cough, lack of taste) and book a PCR test if they come about.  Devon’s Risk Assessment and the guidance from DfE says that 

  • positive cases should isolate

  • people with symptoms should go for a PCR

  • contacts should also go for a PCR.  

Yes, still got some Nissan keys on my office desk.  If you know someone who drives a Nissan – do ask if they’ve lost them!

Covid-Friendly Christmas…

> Village Nativity, starting at St.George’s, 10.30am on 28th November – a walk around, looking for characters!
> FROGS’ Christmas Market, school playground, 2.30pm on Friday 3rd December – where you can purchase some children’s crafts!
> Christingle, at St.George’s, 5.30pm on 12th December.
> Christmas school dinner… that’ll be at lunchtime, on Thursday 16th December.

> Christmas Shows – Cinderella and Rockerfella in KS2 and also KS1’s Hey Ewe! – week beginning 13th December. 
We will be recording these and sharing the link so everyone can see it, but we’ll have limited seating available for years 2, 5 and 6 parents only, for the live and recorded dress rehearsals during the week of the 13th.  More details to follow.   


Live life in all its fulness.” 

John 10:10

Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…

Dinner Menu… 

Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Officer is Julian Thomas
We have three Deputy Safeguarding Officers; Jo Benfield, Emma Hill and Lucy Rinvolucri.

If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us.  You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…