After a very long gap (Covid-19 again!) it was lovely to welcome back our Open The Book team to school.

‘Open The Book’ is a charity that started 20+ years ago as a group of volunteers coming in to schools reading and acting out bible stories to the children.

We’re extremely fortunate with our group.  They’ve been coming here for almost 15 years and are a great bunch of story-tellers and actors – their pop-up stages and scenery ideas are brilliant and I think they secretly enjoy the artwork that goes with it too!

Our children hear bible stories and they are given an opportunity to reflect and think about some child-centred questions (we don’t discuss these – they’re only to think about) that might come about from the story.

Today’s thought and reflection, regarding what happened with Adam and Eve, was to think about something you may have missed out on because you hadn’t listened or do what you were told to do, or should have done.  Hopefully, this is just one more seed sewn to help our children think about consequences that come about from actions.