Class 3 had a great walk down the River Lyn with the National Trust today. We started at Hillsford Bridge, following the Hoaroak Water down until it joined (at a confluence!) with the East Lyn at Watersmeet, then continuing down the East Lyn to its journey’s end at Lynmouth.

It was a beautiful walk where we could see all the features of a river from the bubbling rapids and waterfalls of the young river, right through to the wider and (slightly) slower old river flowing through the centre of the town. With plenty of recent rain, it was a truly spectacular sight.

We also learnt loads from the National Trust team about the wildlife, trees and plants that we found on the way including lichens, different types of oak and species of bird (some of which came and ate off the table right next to Ned and Mrs Ivall at lunchtime!). Apparently ancient oak trees can support up to 300 different species on one tree, so the native rainforest that we were walking through is one of our most important habitats!

At Lynmouth we visited the museum to find out more about the flood that we had seen evidence of on our walk down. We then finished the trip with an ice-cream thanks to a wonderful visitor from London who insisted he wanted to contribute towards the cost – a real example of kindness, our school value this term!

A massive thanks to Josh, Fraser and the National Trust team, who led the trip and paid for our coach, and also to Caroline, Wayne and Hannah who came to help. And a big well done to class 3 who are going to have some very tired legs tonight!