Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Reuben Brooks

Class 2… Hallie Osborne

Class 3… Henry Smith

Class 4… Benjy Kennard

Staff Shout-Out… Mr Thomas and Mrs Rinvolucri

(Thanks for doing the assembly today Miss Smale… and thanks for the shout-out!)

Please be really careful over the next week (even more than you have been over the last 18 months (thank you)) with all your Covid-19 mitigations; social distancing, wearing a mask and timing when to go shopping etc.!   With Covid-19 cases steadily on the rise in our area and hearing that local schools are closing bubbles, we really don’t want to fall at the last hurdle before the summer break.

Regulations do change on Monday but Devon County Council have told their schools that if we were to have a positive case, close contacts would need to stay off school and also asked to limit their contact of others.  This is different to asking families to self-isolate (this is now the job of NHS Track and Trace) but we may need to, sadly, tell a whole bubble to remain off school.   Please, therefore, read the first paragraph again!

You may have noticed that we’ve had to adjust staff timetables this week.  This hasn’t just been due to the year 5 residential but it’s also been due to isolating family members.  This is going to continue next week, so I’d just like to say thank you for your understanding.  Please also take note of the change of menu for the week coming – just to make Keri’s job much easier next week!

We would dearly love to have a Leavers’ Assembly in school for the year 6 parents and grandparents to attend and we have some rough plans in place, but please bear with us whilst we work out what’s the best thing to do.  We’ll certainly share a photo album for our families to look through, and it may be that you come on to the school field to help see our lovely year 6s off, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can about some final details.

The Lundy residential has been a topic of conversation in school today, having only just arrived back from the island last night at 9pm.  The Year 6s are looking surprisingly bright and breezy and it’s been a lovely and unique experience of the year 5 and year 6s comparing their notes about the trip!

Mrs Mortimer (who taught the year 6s when they were in reception) and her husband helped on the residential, as well as Mrs Rinvolucri.  We were discussing the School’s Values on the ferry back and about how the trip to Lundy really allowed the children to flourish and embed them.  Kind, Curious, Confident, Community, Adventurous and Ambitious… they certainly all were!
You’ll see this on the video we made of the trip (Year 5s one here) but you’ll see it on the year 6s one too… just give me time to make the video and upload some photos!

We’ve only 6 days left until the Summer Santa Fundraising Page closes.  Please pop over to this page and sponsor some calculators, art equipment, children’s news subscriptions… anything… will really help!  Thanks!

Моndау – Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Tuesday – Chicken Curry or a Jacket Potato with Cheese or Beans

Wednesday – Sausage Pasta Bake … or a filled roll (any filling)

Thursday – Jacket Potato with any filling … or a filled roll (any filling)

Friday – (Takeaway Day)
Fish & Chips … Quorn Nuggets & Chips … Quorn Sausage & Chips

School books and Equipment. 

Please could all school reading books and equipment borrowed over the year be returned to school next week.

Unwanted little friends in your hair.

Some parents have let us know that they have found head lice in their child’s hair. This is not an uncommon event in a primary school. Don’t rely on being able to see them on your child’s head, they have a canny knack for being able to hide. Please take the time to comb through your child’s hair with a nit comb and conditioner whilst they are in the bath.

Scopay accounts

Please could you ensure that Scopay accounts are settled in full for the end of term. If you know your child will be having a school meal during the last week of term please add £2.20 for each day.
Afterschool and Pre-school fees also need to be settled in full. Thank you for your help with this.

Lost property 
The buckets of lost property have been available to parents and children for many weeks now.
Next week please feel welcome to help yourself to any items in the buckets. On the last day of term any clothing remaining will be donated to charity or sent off for fabric recycling.
Please ensure all clothing is named and labelled when you return in September.

Breakfast & Afterschool club requirements for the Autumn Term.
Please email Jo in the office if you know the days you require for breakfast and after school club next term
Breakfast sessions are £4.00 8.00-9.00am
After School Club sessions are £7.50 3.15-5.00pm


Forget what is behind us and reach straight for what is ahead.  

Run straight towards the goal.” 

Philippians 3 v.12

Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…

Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Officer is Julian Thomas
We have three Deputy Safeguarding Officers; Jo Benfield, Emma Hill and Lucy Rinvolucri.
If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us.  You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…