Everything’s been so busy on our return – we wanted to blog yesterday but we’ve just had so much to do!

Our return has of course been made so much more pleasant with the weather.  We were talking in our (two) staffrooms that the children have settled in really well, and have really enjoyed playing on the field with their friends.  It’s been a delight!

Our Class 1 have been busy with phonics, counting and enjoying their developed Outdoor Area.  Did you miss the mid-Easter blog showing what Ted, Mandy and Mark helped to build?  (photo added to the pics below)

Class 2 have enjoyed starting to find out about the amazing world around them…

Class 3 have started on their rainforests topic… yes, I realise that they’re on the Chromebooks possibly finishing off their Volcanoes work 🙂

Class 4 (and class 3 yesterday) had a tennis session today whilst we also had some small focused group-work too.  This has been really useful!

But anyway – welcome back.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun as much as your children.