It seems like ages since we’ve been in the Forest Village area to do any work, and even though we’ve most probably done parts 3, 4, and part 5 already, today seemed like the first time we’ve been back since we had the builders in.

Since last summer, we’ve had a 20 foot square canopy erected over the artificial turf and then had several Ash trees cut down too.  This got our imaginations going as we were therefore supplied with a huge load of logs and a couple of tonnes of bark chippings.

The main aim of the day was to address the entrance to the Forest Village from the EYFS outside play area – making it more inviting than the builders’ orange netting entrance was!   Mandy, Mark and Oscar’s Dad, Ted, were the crew for the day, whereas I simply lugged everything down to the area for them to create their Jenga wall, and bolt it all up securely.  Thanks very much to the team, for a very successful session!

What next?

We’re thinking of wonky flower pots to alleviate the temptation to climb over the logs… some raised planters alongside the hedgerow… a new willow dome and tunnel… a digging area… and a mud kitchen too.  If you can suggest anything, do let us know!