Newsletter … on 1st April 2021 … issue 495

Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Josh Sanders

Class 2… Ida-Rose Steward

Class 3… Maya Espinosa-Corston

Class 4… Harry Cresswell

…and a link to our Celebration Assembly too!  

What’s Class 1 done this week?…

‘We made ‘wanted’ posters to warn the three little pigs about the big bad wolf!’

‘We all played on the counting bus to practise our numbers to ten, we had to count how many passengers there were and how many empty seats’.

‘We tested out different things in the water tray to see which ones float and which ones sink’.

And Class 2…?

We made chocolate rice krispie cakes and we made our own baskets to put them in.

We also made fluffy chicks that popped out of an egg for our Easter cards.

And today we are going on an Easter egg hunt!

It’s all been about Easter in Class 3 and 4 this week too and I think everyone’s excited about the Easter Egg hunts!

Over half the school took part in our FROGS’ Family Easter Challenge last weekend.  They successfully worked out the locations in the clues (some of them were tough) and then pieced together the secret words to answer two more questions.  It looked tough, but really fun too!

Congratulations to our winners Barney, Myla and Leo!  

Strict instructions from Mr T, to share!  😉

Thanks very much to the FROGS team for setting this up, and raising a total of £340 for the school funds!

That July feeling that we spoke about in last week’s newsletter is still hugely present.  Quoting a song that I’ve been humming away at recently… It’s been a ‘Hard Road To Travel’!  Well done to everyone for surviving a tiring return to almost-normal, school life.

The Easter break will provide a great opportunity to refresh batteries and have everyone ready to come back eager and energised for the summer term.  Of course you’ll have lots of lie-ins and relax but as we approach the end of the fortnight, please start preparing yourselves for the morning wake-ups and routines for school.  We need everyone to come back following our first school value – We Are Kind – and also our current one – We Are a Community, where we love our neighbour as ourselves, making sure we show the behaviours that we want to see from others. 

Our school values for the next two terms are that We are Adventurous and that We are Ambitious.   The bible passages for these are all about encouraging one another and building each other up, and also about forging ahead and striving for your goals.  At school, we see these as really important life skills where the children help each other to reach their potential.

We had some really good attendance this term but that’s possibly because we’re not allowed to go anywhere!  Attendance is really important for many reasons – one of them being educational and another is emotional, to support children’s relationships and well being.

It’s also really important to arrive before 9am when the front door gets closed.  The brain actually goes into Fight or Flight mode when there’s something wrong, like arriving late and when everyone’s sitting down or after the register has been called.  It’s not good for a child’s wellbeing.

However… I’ll be returning back from our Cape Verde holiday and will have to have the extra 10 days quarantined in a hotel in Heathrow.  So I’ll see you bright and refreshed sometime in the second week back.  Thanks to the Governors for allowing this.  If you’d like to read the minutes where they agreed this (as if they would), please click the link next to the date at the top of the Newsletter.

Our staff have tried to make sure they have good and possibly increased communication over the past few weeks.  We intended to fit in parents’ evenings this term but with it being so busy, we’re going to move them to within the first few weeks back from Easter instead.  We should then also have a better picture of assessments, progress and wellbeing at the start of the summer term.

I’ve mentioned the song I’ve been humming… last night, Teachers Rock uploaded another virtual video, a year to the date of our first at the start of the lockdown.  You may recognise a couple of people here – me, Miss Summerville and Mrs Ashcroft who’s been at Georgeham a few times now.        Teachers Rock…

It’s Easter Weekend!
St George’s Church has their Easter Good Friday service, live and in the church, at 2pm.

Just as we’ve had an increase in sun and warmth over the past week, so has the size of our Lost Property tubPlease make sure you label your jumpers and other items, but also have a browse through what we’ve put outside school at the end of the day. 

It looks like we’ve solved the issues with the delivery of newsletters, but we have had to change the app that runs this, meaning that we’ve lost some of the subscriber email addresses.  Please do share blogs and tell friends and family to subscribe!

Have a lovely Easter Break everyone!

Mr. Thomas

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