Thanks to the many of you who have emailed and passed on such positive comments so far… but we really want to check in with everyone and see if it’s all going ok for you, and so we’ve created a survey for each of our four classrooms (links at the bottom).  They’d only take you 5 minutes for your child’s class (no, honest!), and we’d really appreciate if you could answer these few questions by close of Friday if you could please.

Our staff carefully consider what’s the best strategy to use and they are making decisions based on the age of the children, as well as the learning they’re planning.  They’re also tailoring it slightly for anyone that would need specific help or support.  Whatever they plan, they’re trying to make the provision for the children in school the same as it is for those who are at home, otherwise it’s a harder job than usual!

Of course, can I again remind everyone… to Stay at Home where you can… and if you work from home, and can have your child working at home safely, then we ask to help keep transmission rates down by keeping them home too please.
Thanks to everyone for doing so well supporting your child’s learning this week.  Hopefully we can tailor our provision to align with your feedback, and support you further in the weeks to come.
Thanks again, Julian Thomas
Here are the links to our short class surveys asking our parents for feedback on our Remote Learning provision.  We ask that only parents of our children complete these.  If you’re not a parent here but would still like to make a comment, feel free to use the contact us page

Class 1 (EYFS) … Class 2 … Class 3 … Class 4