Coming up to Christmas, we won’t be able to gather and walk around the village to collect our Nativity Characters as in previous years. But Christmas will still happen, even if very differently, and we want to give this Nativity to our community to brighten up all our Christmases!

It always thrills me, as Rector, how creative our families are in painting and ‘blinging up each character, so I know you will do equally wonderfully this year!

We have various characters that need sharing out to our school families. Please drop an email in to school, or phone Jo to ask for a character.

  • We have:
    • Mary
    • Joseph
    • Jesus in a manger
    • A shepherd
    • A sheep
    • A donkey
    • A camel
    • An angel with a harp
    • An angel with a trumpet
    • Angel Gabriel
    • King number one
    • King number two
    • King number three

Each part of the Crib scene needs to be ready by Friday 27th November at the latest, so give yourself plenty of time to not only paint, but also to varnish the front and back of your character to stop them absorbing the damp from the air over the Christmas season.

The picture above is merely a suggestion for the colours you go for. Please be creative in terms of the colours you choose. Acrylics are probably the best paints to use, but whatever you use should be waterproof!

On that first Sunday of Advent we will bring all the elements of our Nativity scene together and be able to stand back and admire your stunning work! And I look forward to that!

As always we can thank Georgeham Parish Council for their support in providing our Stable, but of course, also our families for taking part and painting the characters!