It’s so lovely when the sun’s out and the children get to enjoy our outside environment fully.

I think we’ve blogged a photo of the New Crinkle Crags Climber?  The photo that above shows last year’s Yr6 who managed to get a good two weeks’ worth of playing on it before they left us for the summer.  The Climber replaces the old Motivator and was part-funded, and very gratefully received, from FROGS and the excellent fundraising they managed over the previous few years.

We were also successful with our Lottery Grant bid and managed to replace our old Trim Trail with some items specifically chosen by our School Council.  Here’s the Junior Bubble playing outside on it this afternoon!

I’m sure we would’ve blogged and shared some photos of the lovely Canopy over the EYFS area.  It’s difficult to get a good photo of this area, but the fact that children can use this whole area regardless of the weather outside is just amazing.  It’s been a project in the making for several years, and so we’re really grateful for the school governors who put the wheels in motion last year.

Not forgetting the other bits of work we’re doing around school.
Miss Hill and Mrs Rinvolucri has painted Class 3’s Outdoor Learning Space… Miss Hill has also decorated it with chairs and plants as an amazing outside learning space!  Woodstock Windows also put in a lovely door at the back of the room so we could get to the area too!  We’ve also got a work-in-progress with their cloakroom moving outside – this has enabled us to use an inside space for a brilliant learning office.
Class 2  also has a lovely Outdoor Learning Area and we’re continuing to develop this area.  Another work-in-progress!
And… my eldest son and I keep coming back now and then to power wash some areas in school.  It’s looking lovely but I just loved making the named bricks sparkle again.  These were dedicated and purchased several years ago and is a lovely way to remember some of the families who came through our school.  I’m sure the earliest date on one of the bricks is for someone who came to school in the 1800’s.  Honest!