To everyone who has visited the project site, a big thank you! Every “Like”, “Share” and Donation scores points so if you have only done one of those things, could we ask you go back and do the others too? Likes and Shares each score one point and a donation scores ten points. Thank you!

CARA are half way through the 6 weeks we have to raise money for the Newberry Road footpath and so far have raised £607 , but this is still short of our target and we’d love it if you could help more!  The crowdfunding site will close on 16th July in 3 weeks time.

If you haven’t visited the site yet, could we encourage you to do so even if you won’t directly benefit yourself.  Anyone living in and visiting the village will benefit from easier access to the children’s play area and field, so your support would be really appreciated.

Finally, please  continue to spread the word and get everyone in your household with their own email address, as well as wider family, friends and contacts, to Like, Share and donate (even if only £1)!

The more CARA can demonstrate local support and the more is raised, the more they can look to other grant making bodies to provide match funding.

Thank you… Mr Thomas

PS The “Stop harm to North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” set up by CARA site has raised £22,000 in a matter of a week so.