A wonderful start to the week with lots of children setting themselves swimming challenges – how much or how far can they swim given an hour in the pool?

Some children only challenged themselves to a small distance but this doesn’t matter a jot – I was fortunate enough to follow one of these children doing only 4 lengths and the lifeguard and I commented that it was a brilliantly formed, front-crawl stroke. Which reminds me, I must pass that on to their parents!

Miss Hill and Miss Trute had the help of one of our parents, Tamsin, Indie’s mum, who had a good amount of children swimming back and for in the shallow end of the pool. They were kicking and jumping, racing with floats and having all sorts of fun, all with activities that promoted some swimming development.

And up in the lanes, we also had some great distance swimmers, with some managing to reach their mile in the hour, some over a kilometre and a few managed to get over 2 kilometres in the time allotted too. What was great, is that some children managed to swim 60 lengths in the first 1/2 hour – that’s an incredible pace!!

Of course, there was no opportunity to take a photo poolside, and a shame I couldn’t take one of the state of the group changing room either… but you can let your imagination go on that! Don’t worry – Miss Trute picked up the lost property so do call in if you think you’re missing anything. 🙂

Well done Georgeham!