Class 2 looked at alliteration and rhyme this morning and tried our own poems, similar to Emma Dodd’s ‘I Like Bugs‘ – like this example, that’s just brilliant!

I love scary, snappy, shiny-red bugs and weepy, watery, crawly bugs.

Here are a few others…

I love birds….
I love screechy, tweety, loud birds.
I love quiet, shy, white birds.
I love proud, show-off, coloured birds.
I love small, screechy, annoying birds.
I love big, bulgy, battle birds.
I love thin, itchy, shaky birds.
I love fluffy, flappy-wing birds and hang-from-the-tree birds.

I love rabbits.
I love silky, soft, screechy rabbits.
I love cute, sensible, fluffy rabbits and shiny, lovely, small rabbits.
I love smooth, white, hairy rabbits.
I love big, annoying, brown rabbits and happy, thin rabbits.
I love quiet, shy, ticklish rabbits.
I love fat, grumpy rabbits.
I love all rabbits!

I love spotty, swingy bugs and brightly coloured bugs.
I love furry, fuzzy bugs and soily, hard bugs.
I love shiny, thin bugs and stripy, soily bugs.
I love bright light bugs and silky soft bugs.
I love black and yellow bugs.