This morning Class 1 went over to Class 2 to spend the morning with them. We had such fun, we started with a Wake & Shake even though it was a little crowded and then we had a book buddy from Class 2 to share a story book with us.

As we are going on a school trip to Rosemoor Gardens for a Mini-Beast Day on Friday, we thought it would be a good idea to design our own Mini-Beast! We first had to decide how many legs it would have, then would it have wings and finally where would it live? There were some brilliant designs of imaginary Mini-Beasts and some very good names such as Antbee, AticFly, Candy Floss, Ladyworm, Spidyworm , Flyeater, Bumblespider and Beabird! We then drew our imaginary Mini-Beast and coloured it in.

We also completed a Mini-Beast 100 number square to practise writing our numbers the right way round. [categories "Whole School, Class 1, Class 2"]

When we came back to Class 1 some of us made junk models of our Mini-Beast design (which will be coming home shortly!)

Classes 1 & 2 had a lovely morning together.