Mental Health Week starts next week.

Even though there’s an irony that it’s also SATs week next week, we’re going to be talking with the children about their mental health and introducing 5 things they can do to help themselves feel good.

It also starts with YOU – the parent.
I subscribe to Dr. Pooky’s You Tube channel and she has a great video about how parenting is a hard job.  Here’s what she says… and here’s the video…!  She has some other great videos on a range of difficult issues to do with kids and parenting.  I’ll be happy if this helps at least one parent or child 🙂

You do a great job being a parent, but it’s a hard job (and sometimes things go wrong) but we’re forever learning and you should not beat yourself up.
Be proud of the things you’re doing well and celebrate them.
Learn from those things that go wrong.