As part of their topic on Sustainability… Class 4 loved taking part with BBC’s Live Lessons this afternoon.  They may not have mentioned the work we’ve been doing over the past couple of years, but we’re proud that many, many other schools are following our footsteps in becoming Plastic Free.  The children loved seeing what others had done and really felt part of a community – not just the plastic-free fraternity, but a Great Global Community!

Getting ready for watching the programme, we spent a good 20 minutes beforehand cutting up plastic waste so that it fits in the bottles better.  We need these Eco Bottles to be packed tight, and a certain weight too, otherwise they just collapse.  I then heard that one of our ‘Family Groups’ had discussed making some welcoming furniture / sofa out of the bottles. 🙂

And of course, we made sure we picked up a load of plastic from the beach on Sunday.  This one was organised by Braunton Academy’s ECO CLUB, but we had several of our families down there too, including our own School & Eco Councillor Indie.  Here’s a photo of the Nurdle Machine in action with the Alamary family scooping up the dry top sand and sifting all the plastic nurdles and bits out of it.