A huge apology to the Stepping Stones parents and carers. You may witness some signs of Jet Lag this weekend and we fear it may be our fault. You see, we have covered a lot of miles this week. On Tuesday we got on a plane and flew to Africa for safari. This trip included an in flight snack, which was nice. On Wednesday we hopped on another flight to Antarctica to join the National Geographic team in Penguin watching and Orca tagging. Thursday we rested. Then today we took a long haul to Australia to explore the wildlife and contrasting terrains. Fear not, the children made passports (which have been stamped) and we have talked about flight safety and how best to pack the overhead lockers, so we were very grown up about it. So, as you can imagine their wonderful expanding brains may be a tad tired this weekend. 🙂 The children loved watching all of the animals but there did seem to be a particular fascination with the Orcas, which seemed to captivate the children into a trance like state. They are very amazing to watch.  Also watching the Kangaroos was very exciting! Especially when they started to “affectionately” box with one another.

Passport? Check!

Hot or cold? What do we need to pack?

Where shall we go today?

Seatbelts fastened?

Janet carries out a safety presentation!



Kangaroo spotted…

On the safari bus looking for elephants.