Last week in Stepping Stones we explored bridges and this led to a huge array of activities. We talked about bridges and their uses. We built bridges out of lego, duplo, blocks, junk modelling. We also explored the ‘Billy goats Gruff’ story. It was a great topic and the children built some fantastic structures and started some amazing conversations. During a small group activity, we split into 3 groups and asked the children to make up their own stories about bridges and we wrote them down. They are just too good not share with you and we hope you find them all as charming, creative and lighthearted as we did. 🙂  After the stories were created, two of the groups then produced pictures to support their stories (excuse the pun) and the third group made a model. Enjoy!


Team Chelsea – Bridge Story

Team Stepping Stones – Bridge Story

Team Rainbow – Bridge Story

Team Rainbow – Sharing their story

Team Chelsea – sharing their story and model.