Lots of interesting characters in school today and a vast range of stories represented. Children really like the dressing up bit (well done for all the effort!) and I’ve had lots of children ask if I can guess who they are! I always struggle with this… apart from the Hogwart uniform or “THING 2” give-aways!

Children have brought in a favourite book to share too, which is lovely. Class 2 were writing a school report for Mrs Armitage from their class book as I walked in; she’d done well apparently.

We also have a Book Swap Box in each class, where children can bring a book in from home for others to borrow. It’s a lovely system where we can share the multitude of books that are within our community, and possibly save YOU a little money too.

I always find WBD quite odd in that staff have professional conversations all dressed up as a book character. I had an in-depth conversation with a parent whilst dressed as Joe Simpson (Touching the Void) and also to a staff member but I couldn’t stop giggling as her bunny ears flopped about!

It’s going to be a lovely day – here are some photos from the start of the day (my jingling climbing harness is already off!)