Homophones (“same sound”), grammar, speech and general errors were the order of our year 5 booster yesterday.

We tried to get to the bottom of WHY it’s like that, but also clever ways to REMEMBER it so we use them in our writing!

There, they’re and their are common mistakes, and so is your and you’re.

Of and off also get mixed up, but we missed a trick there as we didn’t include the word have. “We could of done that,” is WRONG! “We could have done that,” is right.

Then there’s the circling trick to work out who the owner is when using the Possession Apostrophe.

  • The cat’s food (🐈), or
  • The cats’ food (🐈🐈🐈)
  • The photo shows the ownership circle quite clearly 🙂

…And then in Maths, we worked out fractions of amounts. 7/8 of £24 anyone?