“Roll Up! Roll Up!  Come and get your 1/2 price… cheap… reduced… FREE, cakes / DVDs / Books / Lollipops!”

What a lovely ‘Coffee Afternoon’ / Christmas Fair – it was like a mini Apprentice!  The children designed some great games, thought about the rules for how to play them, came up with some imperative verbs (STAND here, PICK UP the Nerf Gun, AIM for the hole), made posters and then haggled and bargained all the parents and school children over to their stalls to get some money!

and there were some brilliant games this year!

I just love how my first game was free (£1 change from a £1 handed over), my second game for 20p cost me £1 (no change) and that conversations about giving an intensive to have a go went hilariously over some heads; like ten goes for £1 is exactly the same as one go for 10p.  Conversations about maths, even with the older children can be challenging and can be fun!

Sadly, the horrible weather stopped us from being able to sing a lovely song to you on the playground, which is sad because that’s the bit that always reminds me that the Christmas season has started!  That’s OK, we have next Friday at the Church for a couple of songs and then the Christingle on Sunday evening too – please come along to one or both of them!

Thanks for coming!