What a wet day for a running event… but it’s ‘across’ country and not dry-tarmac running so we were (kind-of) prepared for a muddy and wet course.  It was actually quite reminiscent to the cross country running I used to do as a kid – long, cold, muddy and wet – and I wasn’t the only person that thought this!

Fortunately, Southmead allowed us in to the school hall and away from the torrential rain that was starting to waterlog the fields that the children were about to run on.

Year 3 girls, followed by year 3 boys, and the year 4s after that, the children had a quick warm-up, a lap of Southmead’s field and then over for a lap of the Academy’s field too.  An ambitious 1400m of running, which is on a par to the other Cross Country running events that we take part in.

It’s lovely to hear that Jasper went back for one of the boys who slipped on the mud and again I heard some lovely stories of our children showing great sportsmanship – cheering each other on and helping each other out!

It was so wet, we didn’t even do the celebration and trophies presentation at the end!  But we will hear about scores at the end of the day and will update this blog when we know more.

Well done everyone – including the year 5, year 6 and Braunton Academy children marshalling the route and standing out in the cold rain for a very long time!  …and also to our parents who followed the children with their coats and belongings to keep them all warm and hydrated.