It’s been all about food in the Stepping Stones tent this week. The children have gathered around the table to put their culinary skills to practice and we have to say, the results have been absolutely delicious.

Monday the tiddler bakers were set the biscuit challenge. They were each asked to think about what ingredients might be needed to make a batch of biscuits, helped by a mystery basket full of baking ingredients & utensils. Next, they were asked to help pour, mix, beat and roll the dough ready to cut out their very own selection of biscuits. A quick trip to the kitchen and they were ready for a good baking. The children did a cracking job. Later that day, once the creations had cooled off, the children enjoyed decorating their biscuits with a selection of frais fondant and a citrus jus (strawberry and orange icing). As you can see they look super tasty!

On Wednesday we decided to up the game and set a slightly tougher challenge…. to make fresh bread! Obviously there is a science to this but the children coped well under the pressure (thank goodness for fast action yeast). The bakers helped to mix and knead the dough. Once ready, they were asked to shape their dough into shapes inspired by their animal designs of choice. We saw some really interesting creatures and as you can see from the pictures, they all rose to the challenge! Roll Lols! 🙂 We made some spare so that the bakers could enjoy a tasting session at the end of the day. It was a big hit! The children really did put the bread on the table wednesday evening as they were able to take their baking home to share with their families. 🙂

We have decided not to eliminate anyone from the Stepping Stones tent this week & have announced ALL participants as STAR BAKERS as they all did such a fantastic job!

The Stepping Stone bakers and staff would like to say a massive thank you to Keri and Martina in the school kitchen for all of their help. We’ve had a really fun time baking this week and it’s been a wonderful, hand on experience for the little ones.