It’s our 150th year and we’ve got some pledges from children pinned to the board in the school entrance, promising to raise funds for the school through well deserved sponsorships.

We’ve seen some really challenging challenges, such as…

  • Completing 150 laps of the field (which would be really ambitious if that was in a single day?)
  • Kissing Dad 150 times (I love this one!)
  • Doing 150 press ups.  Wow!
  • And I’ve seen some photos of Kitty and Sam completing a whapping 150m climb; which turned out to be a 5-pitch climb up a huge (150m tall) cliff!  Impressive stuff!

Thank you to those who have pledged to do something… and thank you to those who have sponsored our children too.  We’ll find out what they’ve done and collect up their stories and sponsorship money in a couple of weeks’ time and share it with you, amongst other things, at out 150th Celebration Assembly at St. George’s Church, Friday 5th October at 2pm.