We have been faced with the challenge that the summer sun brings with it…the heat! For the last week we have been doing our best to keep the little ones happy, entertained and comfortable without letting the rising temperatures get to their little heads! Especially as our numbers are picking up, the room is getting fuller. We’ve tackled this by starting off our mornings with a calming Cosmic Yoga session. The kids absolutely love it and has been keeping them calm as well as supporting them to find their inner zen! Cosmic yoga is really fab, if you search on YouTube you will see that there are loads of different sessions to try, definitely something worth trying at home.

Experimenting with charcoal (not lit), making fruit smoothies and using travel brochures to create stories/passports & to practice cutting and sticking have been some of this weeks planned activities to try and keep motion at a minimum but engagement high. We have also opened some of our new water resources bought with the money from our cake sale. The children have really enjoyed making foam of different colours in the water tray, and playing with the jelly squares in the sensory tray. We have been having lots of chill out time and we have very much enjoyed flicking cold water at the children to refresh them…thankfully, they don’t seem to mind it either! 😉

We have been so impressed with the children this week. The sunshine is of course more than welcome, but as a very young person, dealing with the hot weather isn’t always easy and emotions can run high. However, they have coped remarkably well. you can see them all sat at snack and lunch times, being super well behaved and doing such a good job of eating nicely with their friends. It’s lovely to see this kind of social development.

With only a few weeks left before the summer term comes to an end, we hope to continue having some fun in the sun. We will be saying goodbye to a fair number of the children as they start a new chapter in reception, so we want these weeks to be extra special. We will continue loosely on the theme of ‘summer’ and ‘holidays’ until the end of term because let’s face it, when you live in North Devon, sunny summers are the best!