Class 4 have been working really hard this week to write a short story, with two pictures and a trip to the Burrows as a starting point.

We hope you enjoy this one, written by Amias!

A short story

It was a Monday morning when my boy took me fishing, before the market. I was just a pup when it happened so I hadn’t found out the dangers of the sea. It was as we were heading back in our boat that I felt a storm brewing and I fell off with one violent knock! My boy tried to save me but he couldn’t.

When I woke up, my eyes were blurred and my legs were stiff. As I got to my feet, I took in my surroundings. I was on a beach with massive sand dunes towering above me. I looked to my right, an endless string of coastline; to my left the same and behind the sea. The only way was forwards into the sand dunes.

For the next few months I lived on rabbits, grass snakes and rats. Although I grew wilder, I never forgot my boy.

One day when I was playing with a rat’s head, I heard heavy footsteps coming up into the hole I slept in. As the footsteps grew ever nearer, I shrank further into my hole. Then I heard a familiar voice.

“Fox glove, Fox glove!” My heart started beating fast, my tail started wagging and in a whirlpool of feet and sand I raced out of my hole. There in front of me stood my boy. He patted me on the head and we made our way back to his fishing boat and sailed away into the horizon.

Amias Tuffnell