Class 4 have been having Gymnastics sessions with Jon Skinner for the past few weeks and Jon really wanted to give our children an experience of the gymnastic club resources over at Tarka Gymnastics Club.  We’re always limited to 1/2 a class at a time in our school hall due to the size of our school hall, the amount of children we have in a class and the size of them too of course!… but this was no bother what so ever when you come to a built-for-purpose club like Tarka!

Class 4 were split into 5 different groups and the floor work skills that they’d been learning over the past few weeks were really put to the test with a lovely bouncy floor, spring boards, huge fat mats and several of the instructors from the club – thank you very much for organising all of this Jon, the children loved it!

It was great to see the confident ones really shine in this environment and also the beginners just blossom!  One of the instructors mentioned to me that this was such a lovely bunch of children and she really noted how supportive they were of each other – again, another thing that makes us all so proud of Georgeham School!