What a nice surprise we had when we opened the post yesterday… a letter from Rt Hon Nick Gibb, the Minister of State for School Standards, congratulating our school pupils and staff for our achievement in Mathematics last year.

We really are quite happy indeed that, with 100% of our children reaching or exceeding the expected standard in maths at the end of the Key Stage 2, we came to be in the top 1% of the country.

The excellent results last year came about from the sheer hard work and committed learning that the children put in, their hard working families who supported them at home and also the ongoing push and high expectations from our staff here. However, Governors and staff are also aware that as a small school our data can swing quite quickly, and widely, due to having small cohorts. This year, with only 11 children in year 6, we’re almost at the tipping point where the DfE don’t even publish school data due to its statistical inaccuracy, where each pupil represents just over 9%.

I just wanted to blog that this is excellent, we should all be proud… and to say thank you!