We have had another busy week! In phonics, the reception children have started to learn digraphs. ‘Two letters make one sound!’ – Louis. They have picked up on them so quickly and are already starting to read them in words. They have also been practicing their writing and have written some lovely sentences.

Year 1s have been writing about The Three Little Pigs, and today we came up with an alternative ending. Maya decided the Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf would all become friends. Frankie came up with the idea that the wolf disguised himself as a sheep to scare the pigs!

In maths, the reception children have been learning to recognise our numbers 1-10 and put them in the correct order. We’ve also been looking at one more and one less. We started looking at adding groups of numbers, and some children went and independently wrote some number sentences!

Year 1s have been looking at partitioning teen numbers and building towers with ‘one more/one less’. They also started reasoning, Gil said ‘I know that 20 is more than 10, because my tower shows it is 10 more!’

In Science we continued looking at materials, and investigated what materials would be waterproof. We all decided that a paper umbrella was no good…and plastic was the best!

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