Last week Class 4 were busy designing and building their own motorised vehicles for our big class 4 car project. First they worked in teams to make cars out of various materials with the aim of travelling the maximum distance from a ramp. Then, using what they had learnt, they designed and made their own motorised cars in preparation for the Great Class 4 Car Race, which was held on Tuesday 16th May. They used (a free downloadable graphics package much like Photoshop) to create their nets for the body, then built the chassis from wood, card and Corex.

The results were as follows:

Speed Race
1st  – Sam Hohl (Sam is the Best) 5.5.16 sec
2nd – Owen (The A Team) 5.28 sec
3rd – Rudi (Banana Mobile) 5.57

Off-road Challenge
1st – Rory (Troll Mobile) 3.29 sec
2nd – Sam C (Ice Mobile) 3.68 sec
3rd – Eva 3.78 sec

Team Challenge (Best average team score across BOTH races)
1st – The Sassy Sausages 13.24 sec
2nd – The Fat Cats 13.38 sec
3rd No Names 13.86 sec

Best Design
1st – Unicorn – Millie-Grace
2nd – Cancer Research Bus – Polly H
3rd – Filled with Dreams – Jas
4th – You Tube – Max
5th – Flame – Neo

The Great Car Race
1st – Eva
2nd – Sam C  (Ice Mobile)
3rd – Rory (Troll Mobile)

There were some amazing designs (many of which were, as usual in class 4, covered in glitter and fluff) and some excellent DT skills, but what really stood out was the way the children supported each other and worked together.

Well done EVERYONE!

With a MASSIVE thanks to chief engineer Darrin Lhur who was with us all the way! (and without whom many of our cars would have been unroadworthy)  – and also Steve Gibbs, Kat Spooner, Sarah Leech and Paddy Fox, who all gave a considerable amount of time to the project.