Another glorious day!

Helped themselves to breakfast cereals, toast, croissants and fruit… but also helped clean the dining room and wash up afterwards too.  Some of the boys were​ upset they couldn’t wash up again (honest, they did say this… no, honest) but then, they did miss out on the sprayer and the dish washer TARDIS.

Just after sandwiches were individually made, the children boarded Minty and Jet, off for Baggy car park.  Several route choices were taken by the groups scrambling, mostly having fun, exploring how good their balancing skills were and how sticky their shoes were.  We also explored rock pools, met some creatures, learnt about erosion, glaciation and Scottish, red granite but also just had fun!

Lunch and games… back to base for large scale Scalextric and Treasure Trail… even more free time… and so busy that we almost missed home time!

Just yet another epic and lovely time at St. George’s House. Mrs R said, “Possibly the best yet?!”