Classes 1 & 2 had such a brilliant morning with Ranger Russ. He told us all about the various animals he brought with him and linked them to our topic of Australia.

We thought some of the names of the creatures were very funny, including Doris the Sand Boa (named after his Mother in Law) and others were named after friends of his children.
We saw and touched Millie and Maisy the Millipedes, Alfie and Arthur the camouflage stick insects, Brian the Giant Land Snail who came from the rain forest, Poppy the Leopard Gecko who stored food in her tail and Ruby the 6 foot Boa Constrictor. Some of us were even brave enough to let her lie on top of us!
We also saw Spike the Scorpion but were not allowed to touch him as he might have got a

​bit cross!

The children absolutely loved asking and answering questions and seeing animals we would never normally get the chance to interact with. Thank you Ranger Russ!