Please let Sam know that we finally did ‘that’ experiment at home today!

I only had basic instructions and I had confused reasoning why it will do what it does!

“A bottle of fizzy liquid placed in the freezer for about 2 hours. (We left this smaller bottle for an hour and a half.) When you open it it freezes automatically.”

Mmm, okay, with slight misunderstanding and misconception-setting going through my head… it came out of the freezer ALREADY FROZEN.!
“Well, of course!” I hear you say!
Yes, but when we did open it, the coke came out, squirting at first but dribbling after a couple of minutes, but the water left behind started to FREEZE!
The coke in the tub underneath was undiluted, coke. For you parents, it tasted like the coke concentrate you used to have with a soda-stream!

Anyway, I’m going to try this with several other fizzy drinks… and in class instead of at home!
Thanks Sam – looking forward to seeing, and tasting, the products of our experiments. Now I need to look at the science and find out why: pressure?