We had a great day getting up close to this amazing collection of military and domestic war memorabilia and tanks. Preston and Tim are passionate about the history and stories behind all of their artefacts and were also careful about saying how awful warfare itself is.
One half of the day was spent on the Homefront where we learnt about life during the early 1940s and saw just how small (but tough) a Morrison shelter was.
The second half of the day was spent looking at the military equipment and transport where we could see just how the Russian Tank the T34 had gained such an advantage over other tanks as it had sloping sides to deflect enemy fire.
Two children had Grandfather’s who had been Desert Rats so it was great to see a Desert Rat vehicle.
Here are some of the children’s quotes…
“That was the best school trip ever!”
“It was so much fun clinging on to each other in the Anderson Shelter when it felt like we were being bombed.”
“I never knew about butterfly bombs.”
“I didn’t know the inside of a tank could be so disgusting.”