In Class 1 today we have themed our day around 'The Little Red Hen' traditional tale.  We have read different versions of the story, with slight differences and we could talk about what those differences were. We also watched a short video of the story, which again changed slightly.
We passed around trays of grain for everyone to feel and then tried our hand at 'grinding' (Will remember this name) the grains; it was really hard to keep the grains in the bowl and to try and split them to find some flour inside, but we all tried very, very hard. We spent most of our time laughing as the grains were flying about everywhere!
We also passed around some Corn Dollies and thought how clever it was to plait the straw stem into these wonderful shapes and patterns. All the children spoke about what they thought they looked, smelled and felt like.
We are also learning the story off by heart using actions. What a lovely day!