In assembly this week, Mr Thomas has been talking about our SEAL topic ‘New Beginnings’ and how we can work as a team to support each other in our learning. As it was my first Friday with class 4 we decided to combine a ‘new beginning’ with a ‘new’ class 4 with the important team work skills that we talked about in assembly.

So…..the children had to work in groups to build the tallest tower they could using just;

  • a metre of tape
  • a metre of string
  • 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti.

It also had to be freestanding and hold a marshmallow for 10 seconds!!

After we had made the towers we thought about how we had helped each other in this new challenge. Here are some of our thoughts.

Millie Grace: I suggested an idea that went totally wrong but my group didn’t make me feel bad and we just tried anther idea.

Belle: We kept going even though it kept falling down.

Isla: We listened to everyone’s ideas.

Well done to everyone for great team work and lots of supportive comments! 🙂