As part of our end of term maths assessment, class 4 worked in groups to create a 3d world using their knowledge of nets.

We had lots of different ideas including a representation of London, a stables, a campsite, Candy Land (inspired by Candy Crush I think…) and a land inspired by a computer game.

The whole class had a vote to decide which model showed the best use of 3d nets and here are our top 3….it was very close as they well all amazing.

The winning entry included a hexagonal prism to create the London Eye and a cuboid and square based pyramid to make Big Ben…wow! 🙂

It was fantastic to see everyone working hard together in our last ‘Friday’ maths. Have a fantastic Summer everyone, good luck to Year 6 and I look forward to having the ‘new’ class 4 in September on a Friday. 🙂